Dear Blog…

…And You’re On!

While I would absolutely LOVE to chat about the Cracker Jack loving squirrel that is now “officially” stalking me I’d rather share what is bubbling in my soul right now.  About a week ago, a friend texted me some information about Oprah’s talk show contest.  They swore I would be GREAT for this!  My initial thought…of course I would be…because I’m a HAM!  I love entertaining and inspiring people through my creative talents.  My resume is full of singing, songwriting, performing poetry, acting on stage and film, hosting radio shows, emceeing live television events, pubic speaking, etc…if it involves a stage, cameras or a microphone I’ve pretty much done it.  Yet Oprah’s contest didn’t jolt me…initially.  The “why not” is based on the fact that I’ve been seriously movie-focused lately…don’t forget N-Secure IS coming out this fall.  Anywho…the past few days Your OWN Show has been floating back into my view.  So today, I made the decision to fully check it out and by nightfall I’d made concrete choices to create my online audition.  It’s amazing how a simply nudge has flung open the door to my creativity.

You know, I feel like having some fun with all this…so I’m gonna go with the flow and see where this takes me…and just maybe it will bring me to a television set near you!


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