The Journey To Screenwriting – Part Two

2003 – 2009: My creativity was stifled.

As I reflect on my years as a serial temp, I often joke that “the most creative thing I did during this period was type letters”.  Oh you laughing…
but seriously though, writing a sensational and provocative letter about airplane parts or oncology is quite challenging… but I was good at it!

While that joke is an overstatement, it would be six long years before I cracked the “mic” again as a radio personality.  My interest in singing had waned but I soon found some creative release through performing poetry at the Firehouse and Melt Da Mic sets, creating “Poetic Art” for my fleeting CBT Collection and stage acting with  playwrights Ekundayo Bandele and Myra Moses in Memphis. During those lean years, my creative force opened up the writer, visual artist and movie buff in me too…more of who “I am” was forming.

My road to “creative” recovery took a sharp turn Spring of 1999, when an old radio friend and church member, Michael A. Davis, started using me for voice work on a new local gospel AM station.  As the Divine would have it, I soon found myself back on-air during weekends.  I was in RADIO HEAVEN!  Yet little did I know that my “writing” days were far from over.


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