Dear Blog…

It’s been a good day with great news working toward an incredible future…step by step we go.  

I am also stoked that my girl Jennean Farmer (aka Hollywood Diva) forced me, a few days ago, to send her a script I’d started on in ’08.  You see, I had been having trouble doing rewrites because I was way too emotionally connected to the overall subject matter.  

While I’ve been able to write other stuff, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get back to this script without judgment; but last night I began reworking the outline without fighting its natural flow.  

It turns out the plot points survived and that I’m able to further develop the characters’ inner and outer needs without manipulating them.  Looks like all I needed was distance from the story and to move from my own emotionally-charged space…now the beauty of this story can unfold on its own.  

Humph, there’s nothing like objectivity to free a writer’s soul.


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