Dear Blog…

I had a spiritual breakthrough in my writing tonight.

Moments of clarity continued to flow as I combed through and shared the revised plot of the script I began in ’08. It is a beautiful story that deserves a stellar cast and I am wishing success to the future stars that will bring my three main characters to life on screen. In this moment I understand that my success is linked to the success of others in my future. Speaking…peace and success to you wherever you are!

I approached writing differently than performance because I believe writing is a very self-less act that requires one to also be extremely self-aware. It’s a balance a good writer must strike in order to bring depth to the characters that emerge from the mind. Techniques and tips aside, I find that the greatest trick to writing well is living honestly and deeply.

So to my writers out there, whether you’re writing for the printed page or the silver screen, write as you should live and that’s without judgment.


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