Dear Blog…

So much I can say…my heart is so full but I’ll focus on the craft right now.

I have truly been committed to the craft of screenwriting in recent weeks. I’ve been faithful to my rewrites even finding myself doing some 3 AM writing.  I emailed my script in-progress to my girl in LA and last night she obliged me with a feedback session that was truly a labour of love.  I’m truly grateful I have friends who want to help me be my best.

The script is actually pretty good.  Since I’ve tightened up the plot points most of her comments were about me finding ways to bring the subtext closer to the surface. With my knowing  the characters backstory AND my resistance to having “talking heads”, I find that I do have a tendency to have the characters under speak.

One thing I’m personally uncomfortable with is writing action. In a previous script I was very flowery with my action and I am striving now to stay away from over explaining the action.  However, she noted I was now being too restricted.  I will work to strike a balance.

Glad to be living a full life pursuing my passion.

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