Journeying On

The past several weeks have given fruition to a ten-year journey from script to screen of N-Secure. Now after the movie premieres in two cities, the national release of N-Secure to mixed reviews, to an independent film from Memphis’ noteworthy performance at the box office, I find myself embarking upon a new path.

A path that includes me setting in place a team who will assist me in making my future scripts and scriptwriting dreams come to past. While I don’t know the future, I do know WHO holds my future and HE has promised me great success. My return to school to complete my incomplete and my other future academic pursuits will aid in my confidence building as well as my learning to master the skills of this amazing craft.

Yet I accept that my natural born talent surrendered to God is and will always be my ultimate ticket to success. Here’s to living life in my purpose, on purpose, under the watchful eye of the Almighty.


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