"Write" On

Time to get my “write” on.  

I have a couple of notebooks with script ideas that I have been promising to transfer into Final Draft, so that I can finally have them all in one place.  Over the next week, I will put an end to the “now where did I put that notebook because I feel like working that story idea”.  Mise en place.
Yes, yes! I will have them all neatly in their respective computer folders:  ideas, pitches, outlines, screenplays…oh, you get the picture (pun intended).  I feel inspired to write just thinking about how organized I’ll be. *smh…smiling*
Humph. The past two years have been quite a ride.  Yes, I am slowly but surely moving into this writer’s life.  Transitioning from radio professional to “non-traditional student” to professional screenwriter has been one interesting journey, that I am so glad I decided to take.  Ahhhh.
Well, enough of this chit chat, it’s time for me to get my “write” on.  See you (again) at the movies ya’ll.

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