Musing: Swirls of Thoughts

My early morning musing is a swirl of thoughts.

First up, a term paper on Macbeth due tomorrow along with other final projects and exams due this and next week as this Fall semesters ends. Then there is the other “unfinished” business that I’m tending to that I strongly want resolved…like today. Lawd Help!

Back to my musing.

I’m looking forward to Christmas break because I’ll have a chance to fully focus on my spec script. Yes, I affirm I will have it ready to be shopped or packaged next year. Yeah, next year…2011.

It’s shaping up to be a year of Transition. I’ll have only two semesters left. Wow. I’ll graduate next December from ORU…decades after first beginning. I will apply for graduate school for Screenwriting starting next Fall and prepare to start a new life in CA. So many loose ends will need to be tied up and I would really love a script sold and others in play before leaving Tulsa. It’s all there to be realized…and that’s where the focus and diligence comes in. Yet right now, I pull my focus back to exams, final projects and term papers due in my immediate future.

Musing. This is good. This is all good. Progress has been and is being made.


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