Storytelling: The Call. The Push.

Storytelling is as old as humanity. Reality and fantasy have blended since antiquity. Some tales have inspired the souls of man until they rose to the level of religions. As I muse over my epic journey of becoming a highly skilled storyteller via TV/film, I am reminded of the “why” I must tell stories. Why? To inspire those who read or see my stories to live their life to their fullest…beyond limitations imposed by themselves, others or circumstances.

As an avid movie buff for years, it was watching “October Sky”, which “moved” me to write. “Book of Eli” cemented the “must” write in me…and now “The Tree of Life” continues that inspiration. I affirm today that the sacredness of storytelling calls me forth and pushes me forward…simultaneously. My answer is my surrender to both.


2 thoughts on “Storytelling: The Call. The Push.

  1. Ah, I feel the same as you when it comes to story telling. I've been writing since I was about fifteen or so, and throughout the years, trials, and tribulations, the passion has never left. It is the one thing that has always been apart of me.Nice post.

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