Reflecting: Like Clockwork:

It happens like clockwork.

The closer I get to my birthday (12/30) the more reflective and restless I become. I muse over my year’s accomplishments and struggles. I make peace with both. I ponder over immediate and long-term future goals…and deal with the restlessness. It’s like ants in your pants or a rocket preparing for take-off.

Yet I have lived long enough to know, I can’t run off just yet. This is the most powerful visualization time of the year for me. I have learned to paint the picture…write the vision…make it plain. So with all this incredible mental energy surging what do I do? I pause. I focus squarely on my latest life adventure: my scriptwriting career.

If you’ve never ventured beyond your comfort zone, as I did when I left a radio career after a decade, you have no idea how scary and lonely one can feel. Yet, my desire to live LIFE fully propelled me through the fears and loneliness INTO newfound faith, love and friendships. So here I go again…

As I ease on down “my yellow brick road”, I am finding amazing people to journey with…like my cool Tweet crew @TFWScribe. Yeah, I got that plug in…lol. However, mother’s sobering advice about Joseph in the Bible comes to me again (because she calls and reminds me) that I “still” can’t tell everybody… EVERYTHING. Yes ma’am. 😀

Until I can jump on the table and do my victory dance… *exhales deeply to restrain self*… I’ll just hold my cards closer and ponder these things in my heart.


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