It’s Moving Day

Two Tier Birthday CakeTomorrow is my birthday!

With tomorrow being “my” day and this end of the year “reflective” energy surging through me, it’s no wonder that I awoke with a strong inner message delivered straight to my consciousness. I promptly shared it via Twitter and Facebook but felt inclined to blog it as well today. Here goes…

Making peace with the past includes accepting some tried and true thinking patterns just aren’t working for YOUR greater good. So ditch ’em! Tried and true beliefs from family, community, religion and greater society CAN manifest results YET not your desired results. So ditch ’em! Antiquated beliefs, thoughts and ideas are being replaced today with LIFE affirming truths that will move your Life In Full Expression forward positively. Let the “moving” begin.

As I mused over this message, I envisioned two moving teams arriving at my “mental home”. While one team commenced to move out all the old stuff (antiquated thinking) through one door, the other team brought in spanking new stuff (LIFE affirming truths) through another door. It was exhilarating visualization! I am so glad God, in His Sovereignty, can bring us gently and consistently into our FULLER selves…beyond pain and self-imposed limitations…when we allow Him. I’m geeked to say “it’s moving day”!


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