It’s A New Year!

It’s the dawn of 2011.

I am so excited about the New Year.  Not because I had a horrible 2010, actually this was a good year for me.  I got into the swing of being a non-traditional student excelling in my academic pursuits.  I resolved old flame issues…some dating back to my late teen-aged years.  I made personal and professional strides that were a long time coming while overcoming challenges along the way.  Yes, 2010 has been a good year for me yet I am super-excited about 2011!!!

Why? Well, it will be the year where I’ll “taste and see” the fruit of my labor from the past three years.  2011 is the year when I’ll finally complete my old in-completes.  My life will go through major changes…from further weight loss to finishing specs to graduating next December from ORU…which I first attended back in 1983!  I’m aware there will be challenges to face and life lessons to learn, yet I will endeavor to reach higher and stand taller than ever before.

One of my tried and true ways of making that happen is by aggressively working the 4th Living LIFE Principle — VAA: Visualize, Affirm and Act.  My VAA-ing will be taken up a notch.  I will visualize my desired results with greater focus. I will consistently speak the positive of what I see in my mind with more passion and will take the corresponding action needed to manifest my vision in more timely fashion.

I’m well rested from my month-long break and I’m ready to do the work required to live my LIFE in even fuller expression.

It’s time to celebrate ya’ll…it’s a New Year!


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