Diving Into School

Tomorrow is the beginning of sixteen weeks of higher learning.

What wonders will I discover this semester?   Let’s see…the class schedule: Media Analysis (that should be quite stimulating), Theatre History II (from the past I’ll see my future), Acting for Musical Theatre (OMG, I gonna sing again), Make-Up Design (now that’s a marketable skill), Senior Paper Preparation (now I’m SUPER excited about that one), Beginning Modern Dance (yep I gotta dance…again), Beginning Swimming (guess I’ll finally learn to tread water), DTF Seminar (this semester it’s all about cold reading) and then that special project class. Oh and lest I forget, I plan to help with the relaunch of the campus’ radio station, KORU Online (sharing my radio expertise where needed).  Whew! I’m gonna be one busy chick but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yeah, some are still scratching their heads over my leaving a radio career then becoming a full-time “non-traditional” student (gotta add “non-traditional” for effect), but all I’ma say is completing this in-complete in my life has done wonders for my mind, body and soul.   I’ve embraced that my LIFE is a quest for knowledge and there is plenty to discover.  Besides folk shouldn’t be too amazed because I AM the chick that dived out of a plane. LOL!!!!!

Okay ya’ll, time to wrap things up.  Yet before I go…cheers to my daring adventures: skydiving, racing car riding and my continued higher learning in 2011!


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