From Mic to Screen: My Screenwriting Adventure (Excerpt)

My love affair with writing began early in life.  First, there were those alphabets I carefully penned in my big writing tablet.  Upon learning that the simple rearrangement of those alphabets could craft endless words was simply amazing. Then came sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books.  Those amazing books filled with ancient and modern tales opened the door to my own imagination.  I was an avid reader in my early years and my teen years found me ferociously writing poetry and songs.  I have a big blue binder stuffed with over 200 completed songs or concepts as proof to my learning to shape my thoughts into text.   I’ve always enjoyed “painting pictures” through spoken and written words. With my imaginative mind, storytelling, in its rawest form, has come easy to me.

However, screenwriting was not my first stop along my creative life journey.  Music and radio would capture me first.  (Continue reading at


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