Busy Bee (Me)

Whew, what a weekend!

Really, I had all intentions of writing a blog before now, however the weekend was filled to the brim. My usual “sleep until you wake-up” Saturday saw me rise and journey to campus by 9 am for a Souls A’fire reunion choir rehearsal that ended four hours later. Yes, you read that right…four hours later. Perfection has its price. The Saturday afternoon flowed with friends, food, fellowship and shopping for the dress to wear when I co-emcee the Souls A’Fire Reunion concert on Thursday night. By nightfall, I had sputtered all my day’s fuel out.

Whew! Thank God for Sunday.

Awoke fresh and renewed for a day where I managed to stay on the homefront while tending to Theatre History and Media Analysis quizzes and papers while prepping for the inaugural Scribes Show on BlogTalkRadio.  Bam! It’s 5:30 PM CST…5, 4, 3-2-1, it’s showtime.  Wow, just a month after conceptualizing TFWScribes, I’m talking live with my co-host @JWHankins with TV writer, Eric Haywood (Relative Stranger/Soul Food Series).  God is amazing and I surrender to my new life’s flow.

Speaking of surrendering…the clock flashes a few minutes past midnight.  As I bring this to a close, I smile and savor the wonders of the weekend.  Lifting a glass full of life to the sky…Cheers!


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