What A Joy!

I was living in Detroit, in my early 20’s, exploring and struggling to realize my life’s purpose when God gently spoke a life-altering word to me and I quote… “The greatest sin you can ever commit is to not live your own life”.

I was floored! My heartfelt religious upbringing had not prepared me for THAT God view. You see, I had been raised to be a people-pleaser, accommodative and to esteem “others” higher than myself. So this “greatest sin” claim hit me on levels of self-consciousness I didn’t even know I had yet.

Let me tell you, this revelation shook the foundation of my life. God’s declaration broke up fallow ground giving way to fertile soil where the seeds of my greatest could finally take root and grow.

Decades later, I am still moved to not offend God my handing over the reins of my life to others or fail to grab my LIFE’s reins tightly in my hands and take this Life In Full Expression ride to its end.


3 thoughts on “What A Joy!

  1. What a wonderful post, Christie! We would all do well to remember this bit of sage wisdom. Thanks for sharing. It confirms my belief to follow my bliss, make my own rules and live the life I dream of living! There is great power in that! ~ Kyra 🙂

  2. Christie thank you for this amazing word from God. God has definitely spoken today to me through these very words He gave to you all those years ago! God is amazing and He knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

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