Hollywood Here I Come

It has been a busy 2011!

This Spring Semester had me humping.  I’m glad to report I did well with those 18 credits of classes.  I’m heading in for the home stretch with one final semester before I complete my incomplete (ORU).  Now to avoid another 18 – 19 credit semester this Fall, I’ve decided to take a few summer classes.

Last week I wrapped up a Meisner II acting class held during Summer Session One.  It was wonderful and I know I will HAVE to do some acting in my future! My other two classes, Biology Lab I and Advanced Screenwriting will be held Summer Session Three and Four, respectively.  Now that gives me a little vacation time during the Summer Session Two period.

Sooo…. I’ve decided to go to Hollywood.

My first ever trip to LA is upon me.  This Memorial Day it is on… like a pot of neckbones!  (Uh, Southerns know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.)  I will take to the sky and land in La La land with a week to chillax.  From the advice of kinfolk and friends who’ve been/lived there, I’ve made my list of must “see” places AND must “eat” places.  Yep, Roscoe Chicken and Waffles I’ze coming to see ya and I will be putting  my toe in the Pacific Ocean next week.

I will also mix in some work, with my well-deserved week of play, when I attend the 8th Annual Great American Pitchfest in Burbank. This will be my first industry event since making the switch from radio to film. I’m really looking forward to learning and networking with very positive outcomes.

Oh yes sirreee, I’m going Hollywood y’all!!!  Living the Dream


One thought on “Hollywood Here I Come

  1. Hi Christie I am in LA now for the BETawards…was here a few months ago for the NAACP Image Awards…let’s get together soon—God bless you sister…keep on pushing.

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