School Mode

OMG! I haven’t posted in a couple weeks and before August slips into September, I wanted to type a few words on the page. On this Wednesday morning, I’m wiping the sleep from my eyes listening to KORU mBox, ORU’s Campus Radio station online ( It was a two year project I have been a part of that went live on this past Friday, August 26th at 12 noon after Chapel. Yes, it’s finally LIVE…please take a listen.

As my feet hit the floor, I know it will be a good but long day. In about an hour I’ll be in my Directing class viewing in-class performances from other student directors in my class as we prepare for this fall’s semester Showcase set for November. The Showcase stageplay is Joe DiPiertro’s Over the River and Through the Wood, a cute generational comedy. I’ll put my in-class performance up on Friday and my final rehearsal will be today at 12 noon following Chapel. It’s all about gaining confidence as a director before we hold campus-wide auditions next weekend. Whew!

Okay, the clock just hit 8:00 am and I’m still in “get ready” mode but I have so much more to say, but I’ll leave with this…the day will end between the KORU Workshop class, prepping the new class to handle the new online station then it’s running lines for the stage production, Eleemosynary, I was cast in…I’m “Dorothea”.

Yes a full day awaits…and it’s time to greet the day’s activities. Here’s to us all Living LIFE in FULL Expression!


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