2012: Return of the Blogger

Wow! An entire semester passed and no blog entries.

It was my final semester at ORU. I was finally completing my incomplete, after a 20-plus year hiatus. I was deep in the trenches of theatre and film.

My course load was Directing, Film Production, Theatrical Lighting Design, Acting Styles, Theatre Seminar and Racquetball. I was also cast as a principal in the ORU stage production, ELEEMOSYNARY by Lee Blessing.

This past fall, I wrote and directed two short films; as well as wrote my first short play for the 24 Hour Play Festival, which was staged at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

I was stretched as a person, performer and creative spirit. I have emerged with a sense of triumph and gratitude.

On this first day of 2012, I look back over my shoulder and smile…and then turn toward the moments ahead with joy.



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