All In A Word: Creative

I’m all about Living LIFE In Full Expression.

I’m a creative spirit manifesting as a Living LIFE coach, screenwriter, actress, broadcast journalist, and vocalist .  From a child, I have had a fascination with all things creative and found joy in reading, writing poems and songs.  Growing up in church, I was given my first creative outlet through singing in choirs.  Later in high school, the acting bug hit me.  In my first trip to college, Oral Roberts University, I fell in love with radio and for a majority of my adult life, I enjoyed a successful radio career.  My journey into screenwriting grew from my growing addiction to watching one or two matinees a week, and later an encounter with a concert promoter who had a movie idea.  Turns out that one screenwriting class in college (before dropping out) helped me co-wrote a movie which was filmed in 2008, released independently to theaters in 2010, and on DVD in 2011.  In 2009, to assist me in preparing for a full-time screenwriting career, I returned to ORU to complete a Bachelors in Drama, TV, Film Performance.  With my recent completion of that degree, I now embark on this new journey of pursuing a MFA in Professional Screenwriting at National University.  In addition to being a professional screenwriter, I look forward to teaching on the college level, independent filmmaking and globetrotting.

Here’s to this new adventure! #2012


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