ORU Graduation Weekend

ORU Graduation 2012 Is Upon Us!!!!!

Since finishing classes at ORU in December, I’ve managed to stay productive while waiting for graduation weekend. I got a job locally to handle month to month expenses, enrolled in National University’s MFA Professional Screenwriting hybrid program, finished a feature film script, started saving up for my LA relocation, and recently bought a car.
So as May 2012 begins, I greet it with a big smile on my face and sense of accomplishment in my soul.

I returned to ORU after a 20-plus year hiatus in 2009, and now the culmination of that major life choice is manifesting within 72 hours. I am overjoyed! God has a wonderful way of getting us back on track and giving us multiple chances to discover the wonders of our “self”. The days, weeks, months and years that may come will benefit from my crossing the Mabee Center stage on the campus of Oral Roberts University on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

Here’s a BIG praise to God for helping me complete my incomplete.


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