I’m getting down to my final weeks in Tulsa…the second time around.

The year was ’88 when I first left Tulsa en route to Detroit. No clear plan or purpose for moving; just a college drop-out with youthful wishing and longing driving my decision.

While I did make some life-long friends and learned some valuable life lessons, Detroit did not yield the successes… personally or professionally I longed for inside. Eventually my journey lead back to Memphis, where my 26 year old self still had a lot of growing up to do.

And grow up I did. Amazing professional strides tempered with personal tragedies, over a seventeen year span, helped me find my inner resolve and needed balance. Then I felt the urge to make new strides.

Back to Tulsa. Complete my incomplete and now …

Three years later, move to LA.

I haven’t physically began to pack but mentally I’m already there in La La Land expanding my inner resolve and deepening my roots in the soil of ancient creativity. At the preface of my next adventure, I’m quite aware of the Act III allegory…

Here’s praying for a 3-hour movie — that’s Oscar worthy.


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