The Journey to La La Land

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…or in my case, four tires on Interstate 40 (aka Route 66).

It still amazes me that I drove from Oklahoma to LA…alone.  A 22 hour drive, for some, is nothing.  But Lawd knows, I found the six-hour trips from Tulsa to visit Mom in Memphis tiresome.  So many times, I was tempted to stop in Little Rock and call it a night.  LOL!  So yes, I celebrate my trek to LA with a loud, “I did it!”

My journey of a couple thousand miles to manifesting new dreams in TV and film continues.  As I drive the ‘Crusier’ around LA, I’m in “pinch me” mode.  I’m constantly amazed at God’s faithfulness to me and my childhood dreams as I see the mountains, ocean, and soak up this California sun.  I recall the many times, like on those short drives back to Memphis, I wanted to stop midway along my dream path.  Yes, I wanted to settle for the successes already achieved on my life’s path. Thankfully, God continued to nudge me along my path of purpose, even when I got off track.  So with a grateful heart, I look forward to this adventure launched from a thought, and with God’s guidance is coming to fruition.

My journey continues, my friend…


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