Testify! by Christie B. Taylor

Let me testify this Sunday morning.

There was a chapter in my life when the Holy Spirit instructed me to keep a portable “Speak The Opposite” journal. What is that, you say? It was a small journal I carried with me everywhere and was the place where I immediately wrote down and spoke the exact opposite of old limiting thoughts about myself or circumstance that were hammering away at my self-esteem or faith in me.

Whatever the thought…I attacked it that very moment. Yes, I had to do this aggressive mental, audible, and physical counter-offensive tactic immediately to uproot, erase, destroy, and obliterate the old thinking patterns ingrained in me.

I don’t know when I stopped using the journal, but I know after a while those old thoughts stopped playing like a tape recorder in my head. Now the mental exercise is instinctive. When I face new challenges which threaten to stop me in my progressive tracks; I flip the “stinking thinking” thought on its head and keep on pushing. I have to live consciously and intentionally y’all. I can leave “no-thing” to chance. I’m grateful the Christ-mind was and is still available to me in every moment and always will be. So very grateful He also taught me a simple technique to access it too. God thinks amazing thoughts about me and you, and I have chosen to always agree with God.

Starting today … strategically think and speak the exact opposite in any unpleasant or negative moment… and trust me when I say, you will feel your wings grow and you will elevate above the madness and soar among the clouds. – ChristieTaylorOnline


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