Full Moon Effect


hey. hey boo. can you come out and play? why not.  after our meetings the call comes through.  sorry late meeting. fine i just left mine. in the conversation flow i detect hesitancy.  i’m afraid. why? i haven’t seen you in so long. I know, but why be afraid? because…. wow, i’m feeling some kinda way right now. okay, i’m on my way. where do i meet you? i’m smiling again. headlights beam through the window. my heart races. okay really, i’m like excited in here and you’re gonna finish up that phone call out there.  this full moon heat got me…breathe… play it cool. pacing and peering. check make-up.  open door. playful hugs with a side-eye.  we smile. our eyes say it all. yes, it’s been too long lover.



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