2014 Poetically Goodbye


2014: A Year In Review by CBTaylor

From Memphis to LA
And back again
My life is full of love and all kinds of friends.

A trip or two or more to ATL
Gave me more intriguing stories to write and tell.

A year of birthing dreams,
launching new plans
Due to my being guided
by the Almighty’s hand.

Whatever I lost in this latest transition,
I witnessed the Universe
give brand new provisions.

Yes, I am a seeker of truth and a giver of love
Thankful for family, friends who give me space to evolve.

To my lovers whose souls I was blessed to intertwine
Know as I end 2014, you live always, in my heart, my mind.

As I end this poetic flow, impromptu rhyme
I embrace you all in my heart
With the strength of the Divine.


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