2015: I RESOLVE TO READ MORE – Reading The 101 Greatest Screenplays

My 2015 New Year’s resolution is pretty much me reaffirming my personal mission statement of the past ten years which is, “To live my LIFE In Full Expression and teach others to do the same”.  So,  I’ve reaffirmed my personal resolution, birthed from my Living LIFE seminars created over ten years ago, and I’m feeling empowered … I’m ready to move forward anchored in a deeper sense of purpose.

So what’s my 2015 SCREENWRITER’S resolve?  I Resolve To Read More.

Yes, I am fully aware I gotta become more disciplined at writing a little everyday, yet I want my writing to soar. I need more inspiration to push myself, my skills, and my ideas.  So I’m committing to reading more screenplays written by the best so I can become a better screenwriter.

I would love to say I’m gonna knock out the WGA’s 101 Greatest Screenplays in the next 52 weeks, but I can’t promise that to myself or anyone else…with all the other things I have on my plate.  In 2015, I will be growing my screenwriting consultant service, The Script Polishers, conducting Flip The Script Screenwriting Workshops, shoring up my director’s skills by shooting short films, relaunching CONVERSATIONS WITH CHRISTIE, as a multi-platform talk show, and hosting Art & Culture lectures through Aeonian Heritage Society, blogging here more consistently, and most of all …writing my own screenplays (thesis mode).

So this “reading the greatest 101 screenplays” may end up being a two-year, even three-year resolution if things really kick into high gear for me.   Whatever unfolds in 2015, I resolve today to read more screenplays to raise my writing game. Yes, I resolve to read more as a screenwriter.  First up, Casablanca.

Happy writing (and reading) y’all!!!



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