The Year of 50: Celebrate LIFE

A swirl of emotions, mostly good, flow through my beingness.  Super excited about reaching this milestone age on December 30th;  yet I am full of wonder and questions on what the next leg of the journey will look like and reveal to me about me.

I’ve accomplished quite a bit in the 30 years of my adult life (I don’t count the first 20 years because that life was based on external voices guiding me).  I reached notable levels of career success and personal achievements  (like completing my college degree as an adult student); yet I am most proud that I learn to just be “me”.

Got some stuff brewing and I’m knocking knees with anticipation of what will actually manifest positively for me as I move forward.  So the Universe brought “Mama Oprah” to me today via YouTube.  I now share it with you.  Be blessed my friend.


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