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6 thoughts on “Motivate Me

  1. Under the direct supervision of Christie Taylor, I was able to reaffirm my decision to apply to medical school. Through spiritual guidance and utilizing various mind techniques, Christie Taylor sought to discover what I enjoy the most and how to implement those findings into my daily life. Long-term and short-term goals were established in order to help ensure I remained on the right path. If one is indecisive or baffled about which road to take in life, then I would definitely recommend people to partake in Christie Taylor’s program “Living Life.”

    1. Justin it’s so good to hear from you! I’m extremely honored to have touched your life in a positive way through the Living LIFE Principles. Please keep in touch with me as you continue your LIFE’s journey. Blessings and Happy New Year (2011)!

  2. I would like to say I am so very thrilled to have met you some years ago. You have been a jewel on so many levels. I remember attending one of the seminars and it just opened so many areas of entrepreneurship for me. I can’t express how gifted you are. Not to mention the movie, (N-Secure) in which I was featured. LOL
    Christie you have a very bright future in whatever you TOUCH!
    Much love

    1. Sharen, what appeared to be chance encounters were truly Divine connections indeed. It’s amazing the growth and expansion of your life and to know that the Living LIFE Principles aided in freeing you to be fully you, humbles me. You are one incredible woman that the world awaits to experience fully…go for the LIFE DREAM and don’t stop! We need YOU to touch this world. Glad you made a “cameo” in the movie. 😀 Thanks Sharen for your support and friendship…it’s greatly appreciated.

  3. I learned about the Living LIFE Seminars during a time in my life where I had come out of a difficult place, emotionally, physically and spiritually and was trying to figure out the reason I was put on this earth. I never thought that I’d be motivating, inspiring and encouraging people through my writings, and loving it. Ironicly, English composition was one of my worst subjects in school; I hated it. And another ironic twist is that this shy, normally quiet guy gets up in front of people and speaks words of encouragement and motivation to others and loves doing that too. My first book will definitely be released in 2011! Thanks Christie for giving birth to Living LIFE!

  4. While I’ve known Christie for more than 20 years, she never ceases to amaze with her innate ability to lead and guide people into their purpose. She’s a great listener and her insight just blows me away as she forces you to quiet the mind clutter and focus on what you really want from your life. She’s tough but sometimes love is tough and required to move you towards your greater self.

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