Living LIFE

The Living LIFE Seminar is much more than a seminar it is an experience which takes you on the journey of a lifetime…the journey within. It is an electrifying message for peak performers and purpose-driven people of all ages. To learn more about the Living LIFE Seminar and its creator, Christie Taylor, view the web presentation and testimonial videos below. The weekly Living LIFE Discussion on BlogTalkRadio (currently on hiatus) explores the Living LIFE Principles as well as feature guests who are daring to live their life to the fullest. In between live shows, feel free to visit our podcast directory, support us fashionably by shopping in our online store and inquire about a coaching session. Join the Living LIFE Circle on Facebook for motivational messages and to  network with other people across the nation pursuing their life’s passions and living their dreams.  Also be sure to check out the archived Living LIFE Discussions on BlogTalkRadio. Our hope and prayer is that you will endeavor to live your life in full expression.