Life Begins Where Fear Ends


All my life I’ve heard that perfect love casts out fear, and all my life I’ve endeavored to live life beyond fear. I have many in my inner circle who would proclaim, ‘I have lived fearlessly against insurmountable  odds even’; but that is not my truth. Sure, I’ve ventured to live life daily with “my hands off the handlebars while speeding down hills with the wind blowing in my face”, but it was NOT without fear … rather WITH defiance. It was the, “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of defiance. My entire life, since conception, has been injected with fears. Fear has been a lingering presence these five decades … from whom I constantly sought to flee like in a cheesy horror flick. #mytruth You know, I once had a friend marvel at my focused determination and accomplishments; yet little did they know that whatever good or greatness I have achieved was done with fears chasing me. I wasn’t always running TO, as much as running FROM. Humph. Here and now, those words of perfect love casting out fear reemerges. I grow quiet. I stand still. I cry and cry. I’m aware now how I limited the work of Perfect Love through my own efforts of running from or facing off fear. Yet in the NOW, I clearly see Perfect(ed) Love … Divine Love is not and was never weak; but has enormous strength. It ALONE has had the “muscle” power to actually cast out … forcibly remove … expel the fears loitering in my life. Thank God for the NOW and for the illumination I find while standing in the void, the emptiness. The Light reveals another way where I truly live and love without fear … and for this I AM grateful.  -CBTaylor